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According to the latest reports on the coronavirus, there had been 224 case reports of the coronavirusin mainland China by 18:00, Jan 20. Among the reports, 217 cases got confirmed (196 in Wuhan, 5 in Beijing, and 14 in Guangdong Province); 7 remained suspected (2 in Sichuan, 1 in Yunnan, 2 in Shanghai, 1 in Guangxi, and 1 in Shandong). Meanwhile, Japan reported 1 confirmed case, Tailand 2, and Korea 2.

World Health Organization has recently published guidelines on the prevention pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. On Jan 20, President Xi Jinping has given important instructions on the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, emphasizing the principle ofprioritizing health security of the people and the determination to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

With regards to the spread of the coronavirus, we remind and advise all international students DO NOT TRAVEL TO WUHAN DURING THE VACATION and follow the guidelines on disease prevention.

1. Wear a mask and wash your hands;

2. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing;


3. Cook eggs and meat thoroughly;

4. Avoid close contact with people with cold or flu-like symptoms;

5. Avoid contact with live wild or farm animals;

6. Do not spit.

College of International Communications

Jan 21, 2020