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Dear international students,  


Recently, there has been outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus in Wuhan and other cities. To ensure health of students, curb the spread of the coronavirus, hereby we announce the Tips on Enhancing Infection Prevention and Student Health Protection.  


1. Take protection measures in time. In the previous notifications, the introduction of the new coronavirus and measures on infection prevention are clearly presented to the public. It is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the prevention of the disease. We urge all the students to keep yourselves well informed and work together with us to prevent and control the spread.  


2. Cultivate hygienic & healthy habits. Hygienic & healthy habits are essential part of your comprehensive quality. Everyone should strengthen the consciousness of public hygiene, food safety and disease prevention, and be able to protect yourselves. Do not spit around. Do not litter. Wash your hands before meals and after using toilet. Ventilate rooms. Do exercises. Maintain a clean and healthy living environment.  


3. Keep fit by exercising. Doing exercise is an effective way to build up health. We encourage students to develop the habit of doing exercise regularly. Do not indulge yourselves in electronic equipment.  


To enhance infection prevention and student health protection, effort from the university, the community, and students are all vital and needed. Let’s work and protect our health by working together.  


We wish all students health, happiness, success, and a happy Chinese New Year.  



China Three Gorges University  


January 23, 2020