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Dear all:

ISA plans to recruit new leadership team and have the selection of new presidium crews soon. Now we release this notification to all the international students. If you are willing to join us, please collect the ISA position introduction from ISA or your college or College of International Communications and submit your application before January 9th, 2020.

Time & Place

The recruitment conference will be held at 15:00, 9th January, 2020 (Thursday) .

The place will be in ISA office. (the 1st floor of Boy's Dormitory, left side of A building)

Position provided

1 President

3 Vice Presidents

7 Ministers of 7 Departments

7 Vice Ministers of 7 Departments


  a A detailed description of positions and department duty is attached here Description of ISA Responsibilities.docx.

  b. Members will be selected by the presidium crews afterwards


2-3 year undergraduate and graduate students for chairperson, vice chairperson, ministers and vice ministers;

No limit for members;

Application Procedure

Submit application form (online);

Take the interview

  Election speech (3 minutes; presentation within PPT is also welcomed)

  Answering question from judges.


5th ISA; J1502; Your college coordinator.

Apply Now: Please scan the QR code below to sign up.

Description of ISA Responsibilities.docx